Hoodie – Available in paperback and ebook

Hoodie book cover
Hoodie book cover

From the moment Ben Chapman – aka ‘Hoodie’ to the other Shady Boys – crashes out of school, determined never to return and, incidentally, seeking his revenge on the school’s drug dealer by stealing and concealing his stash in his trousers on the way out, you know that this is a boy to whom caution and reticence are alien concepts.  Outwardly, he maintains that all he wants is to find a job, earn his own money and follow the tug of his heart towards the seemingly unattainable girl of his dreams, Isabelle.

But, underneath that concealing hoodie, Ben has a rich inner life, fed by dope, wine and the inner belief that he is someone special with the gift to be able to set the world to rights.  And he has a secret weapon; the simian lines on the palms of his hands – a rare genetic abnormality shared by drug addicts, mass murderers, scientific researchers and religious fanatics (and, by sheer coincidence, Tony Blair) .  Few people have those and the traits which go with them and he believes they are the key to his future.  After a meeting with a former schoolmate’s mother, he becomes aware of the auras of those around him, boosting his confidence in his own supernatural powers.

During his ‘summer of love’, we follow his attempts to engage with the real world with frustration and compassion.  Along the way he meets his previously unknown father in the most unexpected circumstances and discovers that there is more to his best friend’s loyalty than he ever suspected.  His experiences of job-hunting will resonate with anyone who has gone down that road.  He discovers that sex can be ugly and exploitative, and that maybe what he is really looking for is closer than he thinks.

His emotional roller-coaster ride through summer causes him to question today’s competitive, consumer-based values, eventually challenging his perception of reality and prompting him to reflect upon who and what his purpose in life is before finding himself faced with the definitive test of resolve and bravery.

This is a contemporary story in which drugs, violence and guns are everyday realities.  Ultimately, it is a heartbreaking story of revelations and wasted potential.

Hoodie is available worldwide in paperback from most online book retailers (direct from Authorhouse is cheapest) and from your usual ebook outlets – Smashwords, Kindle, ibookstore, PDF, Kobo, Nook (Barnes and Noble) and just about anywhere else you can think of (go google!).

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